New Project: “Casual Encounters”

I’ve started work on a new collection of short stories.  Working title at the moment is ‘Casual Encounters’ but that may change.  There will be a mix of F/F and F/M stories each around 3000 words.  I expect the collection will have 5 pieces.  Maybe more.


More Effort Needed

Right.  I’m putting more effort into my blog now.  I’ve posted excerpts from my two published stories and added a free one in my Free Stories page.  I hope you like it.   Severine progresses, as well as the myriad of other projects I keep getting diverted to.   Multiple curiosities is a terrible affliction.  As is being a perfectionist.  But that’s the way I am.

I have been remiss

So busy writing I have overlooked updating my Blog.  I must make a mental note to update it more frequently.  I have several projects in the pipe line at the moment.  Most are F/F and one is a F/F/M menage.   Too many projects, too little time!

Yay. My First Post.

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  Feel free to comment or start a discussion.  Topics are of course my erotic ebooks, cats, chocolate or, if you’re feeling particularly high brow, Classical Studies.