Casual Collisions Review via Sylvia Storm at

This has been a great week for books, I swear.

Just go get it, it is an incredible collection, strong recommend. Livilla Sanders melts me again with a collection of four stories of chance encounters and random meetings. This isn’t porn text, but they are highly explicit and nasty. They start with long, slow teases, buildups where the tension ratchets up and then flows over the dam like a flood. They could each be their own books and I would love them all, but since we get four here they just keep coming and coming, and I do as well. There is some seriously amazing stuff here and this is an impressive collection.

The cover? I’ll make you wait for the good stuff, oh yes. I love the legs, nice photo choice. Yes, it’s typical of an erotic cover, but what isn’t nowadays. We grade on style and panache and execution for covers, and this one is nicely done. I love the fade out around the edges, and the script font is a nice touch. That you for not using Windows’ built-in script fonts, oh, my, Goddess. Even the authoress name is a nice font, so this cover is pleasing and sets the mood.

It does set the mood well, because this cover implies long, sultry setups like those long, sexy legs. Heat level is great, good, incredible, and the one at the start with the two younger men and the teacher is off the charts hot. The sex does not stop either, I had to take breaks on that first one to let my Kindle cool off. Wow. I seriously need a cover for my e-reader now. This is a great example of long, kinky, highly explicit sex that is compelling and entertaining. It knows what it wants to do, turn you on, and it does so intelligently, not porn-movie cheaply. It antes up, and keeps upping the ante with sexual tension, and then it crosses over into sex and stays there a good long time.

I love the “Alice in Wonderland” sexual trips where our heroine is on a joy-ride of sensations and kinky sex, and these stories take us to unfamiliar places that are very liberating and quite nasty. They are fun though, and they don’t seem smutty, but very sex in a way that breaks inhibitions and self-imposed limitations. The text-quality is good, we have a couple long parts with phone calls and fact-dropping in the first story, but the following stories pick up the pace and move quickly into the sex. I loved the long setup in the first one, but the long and multiple phone calls sounded a bit “for the reader’s benefit” for me at points, including the use of a selfie as a mirror device for character description.

Yes, selfies count as mirrors. Spank!

The lesbian pair-up was very nice and I loved the small touches in there and the risk of being caught in broad daylight. The phone-sex encounter was also unexpected, and I loved the ending to that one. It was kinky without having people actually have sex, and it was a creative sexting experience and one I’ve never seen done so well. It’s not everyday you get a hot sexting story over the desk, and I loved this one with all its little problems, slips of the fingers, and creative uses of a phone’s camera and keyboard. It’s good stuff, and delicious with its fresh and creative spin.

We have all types of fun sex in here, three-ways, lesbian encounters, phone sex, and group sex. The hot French mistress from Cassie’s Call shows up in a cameo, and wow do I love her loose inhibitions. It’s fun, the book has fun with the encounters, and it is not entirely predictable. Four hot ones that burned me up. Wow, pick this one up, strong recommend.