Free Stories

I hope you enjoy this one.

The Four Course Meal (F/M)

“So what shall we talk about?” said Michael as he studied the menu.

“How about what are we going to to this summer?”

“I’ve got several conferences to attend. I’ll have to check my diary.”

Penny sat opposite him, taking in the stylish decor of the bistro and thinking it was a shame that this lovely meal was a waste of time. It was over between them and still he would not admit it. Soft lights, low music and a good three course meal did not compensate for the fact that they and their marriage had run their course. They had been together for six years and she had to admit the first three had been great. But then Michael had been promoted at work and that had meant long separations. She had felt him drift away with an steady inevitability as his attitude shifted from home to work. He had begun to assume she would always be there, like a good little housewife, looking after their house, cooking and cleaning. She had tried talking to him before before but his work had always got in the way.

Now, inured to it, she was almost indifferent.

Indifferent to him.

Indifferent to them.

It seemed to her that there was no ‘us’ or ‘we’ anymore.

He bored her and she needed a way out before she became a dry husk. A poor facsimile of her former self.

“I don’t know then,” she said. “You choose.” She took a deep sip of her prosecco. It was dry and the tingle as it effervesced quietly on her tongue was as delicious as it was subtle. She swallowed sparingly, savouring the taste as it slid effortlessly down her throat.

Michael continued talking effusively about the new sales campaign that was being launched. She nodded politely, asked relevant questions and smiled sweetly as she hid her boredom.

Over her husband’s shoulder her eye was caught by a tall strikingly good looking man who stood with casual ease at the bar ordering a drink. She cast her gaze over him and liked what she saw. She guessed he was a little older than she, perhaps in his early thirties. He was dressed smartly, with a navy jacket and a white cotton shirt, with the top two buttons left undone that tantalisingly revealed the soft curls of hair on his broad chest. Short neatly barbered dark hair capped his head and his chiselled face, with its days stubble growth, gave him a rugged aspect. She watched him as if hypnotised.


The word sprang into her mind without warning. The sound of the word. The savoury taste. The musky smell. Her mouth salivated and she blinked as if startled by the idea that materialised in her head.


Tasty cock.

Lovely cock.

Hard cock.

Thick cock.

Spunking cock.

Absently, she licked her lips and squeezed her thighs together for a sweet erotic burn that had been missing for so long.

Her mind raced as she pictured herself with the man.




“What do you think?” said Michael as his voice tore her back into reality.

She shook her head and smiled innocently. “What?”

“I said what do you think?” he said with annoyance.

“What do I think to what?” She frowned, trying to cover her distraction by patting her lips with her napkin.

“Waiting until October before we go on holiday?” he said with more than a trace of exasperation.

“October? But I’d hoped we could do something in July.” It was hard to keep the disappointment from her voice.

“That’ll be difficult for me.” Michael shifted in his seat and began to look around with agitation. “Where’s that waiter? We’ve being hanging around long enough now.”

Penny threw a glance at the bar hoping to see the man again and her heart sank when she failed to spot him. Life was once again denying her another of its little pleasures. A despondency loomed in her. She slowly craned her neck and scanned the dining room and its many guests.

Then he appeared once more, emerging from the corridor next to the bar that led out to the bathrooms and the car park beyond. He was running his hand through his thick hair and smiling as he spoke into his mobile. She sighed softly to herself as she gazed at him with longing in her heart and a growing warmth between her legs.

Abruptly he glanced her way and their eyes met. For a moment her heart stopped beating. His dark eyes fixed on hers and he watched her hungrily as if he was undressing her right there at the table. He was talking but his intense gaze was on her. His awareness focused on her. The thought sent a thrill down her spine and fuelled the warm glow in her centre. She wanted him to undress her.


She wanted him to rip her clothes off, tear her panties down and fuck her hard. Fuck her with passion. Fuck her till she begged him to stop. Except, he would not stop. No. He would use her. He would ignore her protests. He would do everything he wanted to her. And she would let him and plead for more.

His lips curled at the corners with a knowing confidence and he offered a discrete toast with his glass of scotch. It was as if he could read her mind. That look made her heart skip a beat and she felt her panties flood as the fire within her took hold.

Michael droned on about the sales figures, performance targets, logistics and mountains of paperwork as the waiter cleared away the remains of their first course and reset their table. She was adept at feigning interest now and he did not notice her surreptitious glances nor her subtle squirms in her seat.

Soon the main arrived. She had ordered steamed bass and salad as it was her favourite dish, but now she found she wanted something else to be on the menu. Risking another look over Michael’s shoulder she saw him sat on a bar stool exchanging idle chatter with the bar staff. An easy going smile on his lips, his laughter deep, warm and sexy, his body language confident. He turned on his seat towards her and their eyes met once more. He waggled his eyebrows playfully, his eyes shining with mischief, sending an electric pulse through her and making her smile involuntarily.

“What are you smiling at?” said Michael.

“I was just thinking I like the menu here.” She pushed a strand of her shoulder length auburn hair back over her ear and toyed with the end.

“It’s very good isn’t it? The desserts look very tasty. I think they have a new chef.”

“Yes, they do,” said Penny, unsure as to whether she could wait for dessert.

“I’m going up North, tomorrow.”


“I’ve already told you about this. I’ll only be gone a few days. I have to manage the promotion hands on.”

“I see.” Already Penny’s mind was in overdrive at the implications and opportunities his absence offered.

“You know it’s important to me. The new campaign—”

“I know, darling. You do what you need to do.”

Her fish finished, Penny squirmed in her seat to alleviate the dampness in her panties and her tingling clit. Clenching her pelvic floor tight she watched the stranger again talking to a another woman. She was young, attractive, petite and by the flick of her hair and the way she kept touching his arm, Penny knew she was interested in more than just conversation. A pang of jealously ran through her. How dare she intrude and deny her. The abrupt realisation struck her that if she were to have a chance at this man she had to act now. Or not at all. It was time to make an irrevocable decision. One with profound consequences. Did she dare? Could she dare? It had been so long. The risk was enormous. Rejection. Discovery. She judged the rewards equal to them. Her mind was made up in moments.

“I’m just going to the bathroom,” she said as she rose from her seat..

Michael murmured an acknowledgement and pulled out his mobile from his pocket.

She walked as confidently as she could towards the bathrooms which she knew were located around the bar and at the back. Inside she was quivering. Each step was a test. A test of her nerve, of her desire, of her self. A test she was determined to pass. As she glided forward, she smoothed her dress down her flanks, emphasising her curves, her heels clicking on the hard oak floorboards, she focused on him and veered in his direction as if pulled by an invisible force. Her arousal was already intense and his hungry look as she approached set her mind on action. She knew they would not have long. Not long enough. Except for a brief moment. She would make the most of it. His eyes drank her in as she closed upon him, the petite blonde oblivious to the ambush she was about to spring. He stood and turned sideways on to her and sipped from his glass as he tracked her approach.

Penny smiled her best alluring smile and licked her lips as she swayed her hips. Her heart was in her mouth, her ears roared as blood surged through them. This was a compelling madness. As she passed him, she held her breath and cast the die. Her hand reached low and discretely she trailed her fingers along the line of his firm buttocks. Without looking back she turned towards the bathrooms and the exit that led outside to the night shrouded car park. Pushing through the doors the cool fresh air hit her face. Her heart pounding in her breast, her every sense alive, her stomach fluttering, her legs trembling she sucked in cool air to steady her nervousness.

She leaned against the wall of the building her heart thundering with anticipation and doubt. Would he follow? Would he understand? Did his acts match his determination to follow through? She decided to count to one hundred. That would be long enough to know one way or the other.

Seventy six.

Seventy seven.

Seventy eight.

The doors swung open with a creak and she glanced nervously from her partially concealed hiding place in the dark shadows, hoping, willing it to be him.

And there he was. He scanned the car park like a predator seeking prey, a frown creasing his brow. He had not spotted her in her concealed hiding place.

She cleared her throat and his head swung quickly around in her direction.

He grinned like the cat who got the cream and moved towards her graceful as a panther, his arms relaxed easily by his sides, his walk a confident swagger.

“Hi,” he said. “What’s your name?”

Penny pushed herself off the wall and smiled. “Does it matter?”

He bobbed his head, a humorous smile on his face and said, “Yes.”

“We don’t have long,” whispered Penny. Reaching out she slung her arms around his neck and drew him to her. His strong embrace crushed her against him and their lips met with a clashing passion that surprised her. He slid his tongue into her hungry mouth, meeting hers in a swirling dance of passion. He devoured her. He tasted so good, he smelled so good, he felt so good. His hard cock pressed into her belly. She knew he wanted her. Time was pressing. An urgency overwhelmed her.

Her breath hitching she knew she had to have him. Her hands sought his fly and he groaned as her fingers stroked his hard cock beneath the fabric of his trousers. Slipping her hand inside his pants she grasped his hot flesh. The feel of it was incredible, his raw heat scalded her hand and the savage lust inside her burst from its chains. She could wait no longer. They did not have enough time.

Carefully she released his erection from the confines of his trousers and stroked it with her finger pads, eliciting a low groan of lust from his lips and they kissed. She knew she had gone beyond now or never. It was now. She pushed him against the wall and crouched to her haunches, her eyes fixed on his swollen cock head. It was a shame it was dark. She wanted to see him properly and in the subdued ethereal light of the sodium lights it was a musky shadow. But there was no time. Not enough time.

Caressing the head with her thumb she felt his seeping slit and smiled to herself.

Leaning forward she extended her tongue and licked languorously at the head, revelling in the warm velvet flesh before engulfing it in her salivating mouth. She heard him gasp and felt his large hands alight on her shoulders. The taste of him was sublime. Sticky pre-come oozed from him, a precursor to a main course she wanted to gorge herself on. Using her tongue she licked his silky head and closed her lips around his girth. A hand slipped to his hip, the other wrapped around the base of his cock she began to stroke him with a firm hold. Time was against her. She needed him now. Needed his come. It was why she was here. Now. Like a two penny whore, sucking his cock with hollowed cheeks and wild abandon. She did not care. It was the invigorating exciting moment she was living and she felt so alive.

With obscene slurps and gasps and groans of delight she worked him. Worked him hard. Her flickering tongue lapped at his length, teased at his ridges, curled around his shaft, tasted his skin. She was eager for his soothing saline balm to be released into her willing waiting mouth. The sound of her own hitching breath excited her. She could feel him pulsating in her mouth, a glorious sensation of hot throbbing cock as she swallowed him down, feeling the ridge of his helmet press against her palate as it headed for her throat.

His breathing became staggered, he was almost choking her and his hand shifted to her head to guide her as his legs began to tremble with pent up lust. Pulling her head back she sucked his helmet and increased the speed of her hand strokes to a virtual blur as she milked him of his seed. With a loud moan that reverberated around the deserted car park his buttocks clenched hard and his body shuddered. His fingers ran through her hair and gripped it in a tight bunch.

God she needed this.

The first splash of come hit her palate and she hummed in gratitude as he flooded her mouth with hot sticky pulses of semen. Her heart soared with lust as she began swallowing the copious emission, savouring the taste, revelling in the experience of satisfied lust and wanton appetite. This was exactly what she needed.

Slowing down her ministrations she released him from her lips and ran her thumb beneath his shaft to fully empty him. A small blob of cream emerged from his slit that she lapped up with her flat tongue. The luxurious taste in her mouth and on her taste buds was so good. Then, with soft kisses and laps of her snake like tongue she cleaned his shaft.

Time was on her mind. She had to get back. Standing before him she tucked his still semi erect cock back into his trousers and tilted her head up. With a final kiss to his cheek she turned and made for the door.

“I still don’t know your name,” he said.

She grinned back at him, “No. No you don’t.” She picked up her bag and rummaged inside for her lipstick. In neat script she wrote her mobile number on his chest. With a wink and a gentle cup of his crotch she purred, “I’m Penny. Call me and we’ll sort something out.” She grinned broadly as she gave him a gentle tug. “I want more of that.” Turning about, she stepped away and without looking back, called over her shoulder, “And bring a friend.” Leaving him there, she pushed the doors open and headed for the bathroom. Starring at the wall mirror she looked at her reflection as she ran her tongue around her mouth and lips savouring the taste of his come. She felt elated. Excited. Liberated. Her mind replayed the moment in almost overwhelming exquisite detail. She grinned and then carefully reapplied her lipstick. Reborn, she made her way back to the table where Michael was still sat looking at his mobile. He briefly looked up from his screen of endless emails and text messages.

“You took your time,” he said.

“Women’s needs,” she said with a smile. “Women’s needs.”

He grunted an acknowledgement. “I’ve ordered dessert for you.”


“I know you like cream, so I ordered the banana cream dessert. Is that okay?”

Penny smiled at the irony. “Perfect. Just what I needed.”


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