The Ancient’s Destiny: Review

PG3 TAD coverLet me say, first of all, that I’m a huge fan of Danielle Austen.  She has been very supportive of me this past year and I like to think she feels that I did the same for her.  I consider her a good friend, though neither of us would recognize the other if we ever sat next to each other on a bus.

I should have posted this weeks ago, but real life and other projects have got in the way.

Nevertheless, late though I am, I’m going to review her latest book,  The Ancient’s Destiny.

The Ancient’s Destiny is the concluding part of her epic three novel erotic romance saga.  And, by her own admission, it has been greeted with mixed reviews.  I have to confess that I was one of those critics who was less than happy.

Not because it was badly written, though there were some sentences that made me wince.

Not because of a poor story line.

And not because of rubbish cardboard characters.

Or any horrible sex, which on the whole was really good.  Everyone will have their own particular favourite there.

I don’t want to give the plot away or offer any spoilers.  That would be unfair to her and I think you, as a reader, have enough sense to make up your own mind.

My main gripe was and remains that the ending for me was too buoyant for a series whose tone was increasingly sombre.  I loved that darkness and the anticipation it gave.

I love the fact that Xcite gave her pretty much a free hand to write what she wanted and they have to be given credit for that.  It’s just that I felt a little more guidance would have made this good read really great.



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